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Lantor Soric®

Lantor Soric®; A unique flexible foam core for infusion and RTM processing

Invented by Lantor in 2002, Soric® has always been the ideal core and flow medium in one. Soric® enables producers to make better, more consistent quality products, with less material use and less emissions. Soric® helps customers create lighter products by replacing unnecessary materials and eliminate part of the ancillaries because of the built-in flow capability.

This is all the effect of a unique product structure, where microspheres are incorporated in a polyester based fleece with a pressure resistant binder in a typical form of islands and channels. This structure guarantees pressure resistance, flexibility, low weight and resin flow in one.

Soric® is the best core for application in complex and relatively thin geometries.

Lantor Soric Charger sailing boat

Soric used by Charger Sailing, Finland

Product types Lantor Soric®

Lantor Soric® SF

Lantor Soric® SF

Soric® SF contains fine hexagon foam cells that don’t absorb any resin. The channels between the cells allow for the resin to flow.

  • Regular resin flow between small hexagon foam cells.
  • Applicable in relatively sharp corners.
  • Available in 2 and 3 mm thickness.
Lantor Soric® XF

Lantor Soric® XF

Soric® XF has larger hexagons and relatively large resin flow channels.

  • Extra fast resin flow between larger hexagon foam cells.
  • Allows for quick infusion of laminates.
  • Available in 1.5, 2 – 6 and 10 mm thickness.
Lantor Soric® LRC

Lantor Soric® LRC

Soric® LRC has very large hexagons and narrow channels to minimize resin consumption.

  • LRC (Low Resin Consumption) is designed to obtain lowest weight.
  • Limited flow capability compared to Soric® SF and XF.
  • Available in 1.5, 2 and 3 mm thickness.
Lantor Soric® TF

Lantor Soric® TF

Soric® TF is a print blocking material preventing shrinkage marks from other laminate layers to telegraph through.

  • TF (Top Finish) is designed for ultimate aesthetic performance.
  • Absorbs shrinkage patterns caused by curing resin.
  • Can be applied in sharp corners.
  • Available in 1.5, 2 and 3 mm thickness.

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Certification and registration

Lantor BV is a ISO 9001 certified manufacturer of A-brand materials. Lantor products and raw materials are well tested or registered by certified institutes to guarantee its added value in different industries.

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