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Intelligent light weight solutions for moving objects

Automotive and transportation is one of the fastest growing application areas for fiber reinforced plastics (FRP). Apart from the obvious performance requirements in motorsport, today’s challenge to reduce energy consumption and emissions require application of intelligent lightweight materials for every day transportation of products and people.

Because of the potential in flexible and versatile light weight designs, FRP materials should be in a continuous spotlight.

Lantor’s intelligent textiles are being applied in FRP laminates in cars, boats, trucks, trains and buses to make these even lighter and with better aesthetics.

Composites products

Intelligent light weight solutions for moving objects
Automotive & Transportation

Microsandwiches to provide you the highest aerodynamic performance

Lantor has a long history supplying materials for composites used in exclusive cars where aerodynamic stiffness and lightweight are highly appreciated. Our foam cores Soric® and Teccore® are all about building up low weight stiffness and creating unique sandwich constructions in a unique range of 1-10 mm. These materials can be applied in very complex geometries and are able to hide surface marks of the skin layers.

For the most excellent surface quality a surface layer of Finishmat® is recommended, also preventing labor intensive post-processing.

Our products are drapable, formable and compression resistant for most types of FRP processes

These cores are thin, flexible, drapable, formable and compression resistant. Sandwich constructions can be made in a width range of processing techniques like Vacuum Infusion, RTM, Thermopressing and Autoclave processes.

Lantor is proud supplier of products for Porsche, Audi, BMW, Bugatti, Mercedes and Lamborghini.

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