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Lantor Finishmat®

Lantor Finishmat®; Surface veils with functionality in composites

Finishmat® is the functional veil product line of Lantor. It consists of a wide range of nonwoven products from very thin and strong to very fluffy and drapable. Applied at the surface of your product, Finishmat® helps you achieving defect free processing and protects your product against osmosis that may appear when used in wet conditions. Finishmat® provides in improved chemical resistance, can offer additional functionalities like antistatic properties and is used to prevent galvanic corrosion in case carbon composites are in contact with metals.

Functionalities offered in Finishmat®:

Filament winding and pultrusion processes: Finishmat® 6691 or D88
Infusion, RTM or Compression Molding: Finishmat® D77 or D88
Advanced carbon composites: Finishmat® D77

Lantor Finishmat

Product types Lantor Finishmat®

Lantor Finishmat® 6691

Lantor Finishmat® 6691

Finishmat® 6691 is a polyester based nonwoven fleece with a non-dissolvable binder. Finishmat® 6691 creates a resin rich layer and is well embedded into the resin.

  • Surface enhancement and protection against chemical degradation
  • Good wet tensile strength for application in filament winding and pultrusion
  • Enhances output with reduced wear of the die
  • Very thin and available in 20 and 40 gsm
Lantor Finishmat® D77

Lantor Finishmat® D77

Finishmat® D77 is a very stretchable needle punched nonwoven made of polyacrylonitrile (PAN) fibers. The fleece embeds so well into resin that the layer becomes transparent, which in turn achieves optimal defect free surface and a product that is well protected.

  • Optimal osmosis resistance
  • Prevention of fiber print and surface defects
  • Very stretchy and drapable for application in infusion, RTM and compression moulding
  • Anti-corrosion in carbon composites that come in contact with metal parts
  • Available in 60 and 80 gsm
Lantor Finishmat® D88

Lantor Finishmat® D88

Finishmat® is a thermobond fleece made of polyester fibers with a small amount of PP. The veil has a high tensile strength and still has a fluffy character. It is very well suited for processing in filament winding and pultrusion as well as RTM(L).

  • High tensile strength
  • More fluffy character than Finishmat® 6691
  • Very suitable for processing in filament winding, pultrusion and RTM(L)
  • Available in 80 gsm

Certification and registration

Lantor BV is a ISO 9001 certified manufacturer of A-brand materials. Lantor products and raw materials are well tested or registered by certified institutes to guarantee its added value in different industries.

ISO 9001
International materials data system

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