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How processing waste fibers turned into the manufacturing of smart textiles for composites


Hollantor B.V. was founded as part of the Hollandia wool factory in Veenendaal, the Netherlands. The aim was to process the waste fibers of the Veenendaal textile industry into nonwovens. These nonwovens were used for interlinings in clothing and as underlay for carpets. The product range was soon expanded by also using virgin fibers from both synthetic and natural base, such as polyester, nylon, cotton, wool and rayon. A nonwoven company was born.


The company is renamed to Firet B.V.


A technology was invented to combine nonwoven with subsequent foaming technology, yielding a futuristic technical textile for that time. This textile provided exceptional properties for use as laminate bulker in glass fiber reinforced plastics, the first product of that kind in the market. The product was called Firet Coremat® XX, later renamed to Coremat® Xi, a product that is still the bench mark for laminate bulking in the composites industry.


The technology advanced by the invention of a foam printing technology. This technology provided a new and improved version on the market, Firet Coremat® XM, with its distinguishing honeycomb-like structure, still the best core material in the market for hand layup processes.

1987 – 1995

Firet was renamed to Lantor. Later, the Firet brand was sold together with the interlining business and the Coremat® brand remained with Lantor. Together with its other product groups, Lantor turned into a technical textile company more than a nonwoven company only.


With the development of infusion technology during the 80’s and 90’s, the composites industry was looking for thin, flexible, pressure resistant core materials. As a response, Lantor developed the unique and patented Soric® nonwoven foam printing technology. The first product was called Soric® SF, a honeycomb type of core material and flow medium in one. Later, Soric® TF was introduced and with a random dot foam pattern it yielded superb surface finish in infused products. Over the years the product range was expanded with Soric® XF and LRC.


Skincore® was developed and added to the product range, a combination material of engineered core, glass fiber and an acrylic fleece.


The patented brand Teccore® was introduced. Teccore® is based on further developments of the Soric® technology to make products more suitable for intensive processes that are used in the advanced (carbon) composites industry.

More information about Lantor BV: www.lantor.com

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