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Surface quality enhancement and protection

Smooth surfaces become possible by the softening effect of a core layer from Lantor

Does your product need a perfect finish? You need to eliminate the effects of resin shrinkage. Typical reinforcement patterns or flow grooves of foam sheets can become visible on the surface after curing and create unwanted surface aesthetics. We designed Soric® Top Finish (TF) and Teccore® with a random dot foam island structure in order to break up the patterns and prints and turn your laminate surface into excellent smoothness.

Composites products

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Finishmat with and without osmosis

Finishmat® brings zero-defect-production and excellent surface protection together

Are your products used in harsh environments? Do you search for one step zero surface defects in production of your aesthetic composite parts? Trust Finishmat® as a first layer in your laminate tool! These very drapeable surface veils build up a resin rich layer at the surface and prevent pin holes and other surface issues that composite manufacturing may bring. Furthermore, the perfectly closed resin layer protects your products to osmosis and chemical degradation in harsh environments.

Finishmat® surface quality solutions are also available for continuous processes like filament winding and pultrusion

The ultimate multilayer solution: Skincore®

Did you already consider a one-layer-solution for unique surface smoothness and chemical protection together? This is what Skincore® can do for you. Skincore® contains surface veil, glass reinforcement and top finish foam core layer and is still very drapable. No need for a separate skin coat and high-speed processing by eliminating too many lay up operations.

Skincore with Soric XF2 in catamaran part