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Autoclave and Compression molding

Intensive processes ask for intelligent material solutions

For advanced composite applications like (motor)sports, aerospace and automotive, highest material performance is obtained by using advanced resins and reinforcement materials like epoxy and carbon fiber. This is often combined with processes operated at high pressure and temperature to achieve optimal material consolidation. For small scale industry, autoclaves are often used to reach pressures up to 7 Bar and temperatures above 100 °C.

For more industrial processes, techniques like HP RTM, wet compression molding and prepreg-pressing have been developed. Snap cure resins are employed, where curing temperatures and pressures of 140 °C / 20 Bar or more are required. Such intensive processes ask for intelligent material solutions.

Products for autoclave and compression molding

Intelligent material solutions
Teccore® microsandwich close up

Lantor Teccore®; core material specially designed for intensive processes

Once process pressures and temperatures become higher, effective application of foam cores is more and more a challenge due to the collapse of the foam structure. That is why in this segment, often more expensive core materials and complex process sequences are needed.

Lantor’s engineers have developed the Teccore® range, to offer a pressure surviving and cost-effective foam core solution to the industry, that can be directly applied in the laminate stack and pressed. The unique nonwoven with printed hollow microspheres makes it a stiffer and lighter micro sandwich, which perfectly fits your most advanced requirements.

Challenge our Finishmat® engineers with your aesthetics requirements

In composite processes like compression molding and RTM, you may accept a lot of post-processing work to reach the aesthetics you need. Challenge our engineers with this! Try a single layer of our soft Finishmat® textile as the first layer of your stack. It will help to prevent defects and hides in the resin to give you a smooth and closed surface layer with optimal chemical resistance and (galvanic) corrosion protection.

Carbon panel

Certification and registration

Lantor BV is a ISO 9001 certified manufacturer of A-brand materials. Lantor products and raw materials are well tested or registered by certified institutes to guarantee its added value in different industries.

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